Birthday: February 12, 1997

Pets: Cat named Pogo. He wants a dog very badly though

Favorite Sport: Baseball, soccer a close second

Favorite Baseball Team: Angels (then Dodgers, then White Sox)

Favorite Sports To Play: baseball, soccer, tennis, kickball, and surfing

Favorite Thing To Talk About: Baseball (he can tell you almost anything about teams, players or stats)

Favorite Band: Green Day

Favorite Foods: green pepper pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate fudge chunk ice cream.

Favorite Computer Game: Backyard Baseball (really, any of the Backyard games)

Favorite Thing To Do In The Morning: 1) Catch up on all the sports results from the night before. 2) Put on pretend baseball shows with Mikaila (his 6-year old little sister)

Favorite Thing To Do After School: hang out with friends, play guitar or practice piano. Of course, there is always baseball.

Favorite movie: Wild Hogs (because it was funny and he played Toby the leaf raker with John Travolta) and Daddy Day Care (because he payed Crispin, the bratty kid who turned out nice)

Favorite TV Shows: Emperors New School (because he plays Tipo, Pacha’s son)

Shane’s Favorite Good Deeds:
He has a lot –
• He and his family have adopted a platoon in Iraq
• He made cookies and lemonade to raise money for the tsunami victims in Asia. He sold for 5 hours and raised over $150.
• Because of his great success, he attempted it again for the hurricane victims from back East. This time he raised over $450.
• Cleaning up local beaches
• Serving food to the homeless
• Donating toys and games to homeless kids